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Railengineering your competent partner for Railway Engineering

Railengineering offers  the following services to you:


Minor changes according to §36 EisbG




This regards all kind of reconstruction, which comply to §36 EisbG regarding changes and reconstruction. Examples for such reconstruction would be changes of the interior, changes regarding the power supply or air-conditioning, retrofitting of a closed WC system and diverse changes to the vehicle.



Supervision of reconstructions according to §36 EisbG


§36 EisbG prescribes a supervision of the construction during reconstruction, which can be conducted by Railengineering



Homologation of rolling stock: Full and Light Rail


Regarding homologation of rolling stock two ways have to be distinguished: Homologation according to §41 EisbG: cross-acceptance and first approval. Railengineering can offer both, but tries to obtain a homologation according to §41 EisbG, if possible.



Technical support regarding project planning


Many companies do not know how to fulfil the requirements for homologation during a reconstruction project. Railengineering has a lot of experience and many contacts to companies, which conduct reconstructions. In many cases an evaluation and concretion of a project as well as clarification of the basic conditions of the project can help to save money and time and reduce the risk regarding reapproval.



Quality management


During reconstructions, especially in Eastern Europe, we always recommend a quality management, in order to ensure the compliance of norms and customer wishes and take countermeasures in due time, if necessary.



Final inspection and examination


Railengineering conducts commission runs and creates a final certification.


Consulting regarding vehicle fleet strategy.


From the experience as head of vehicle fleet management at ÖBB PV AG and from the experience of already realised projects we can offer advice regarding the development and compilation of an up-to-date vehicle fleet strategy. Since these strategies are a sensitive matter, we cannot specify any references regarding these projects.



Support regarding the creation of call for tenders


Railengineering offers diverse technical support regarding the creation of tender documents for the party initiating the tendering procedure.



Support tendering


Since Railengineering is experienced in supporting the creation of calls for tenders, synergies arise for the support of companies, which try to take part in a tender (Attention: Railengineering must not and will not support more than one company taking part on any side of the tendering process. Therefore it is possible that Railengineering will reject to offer support regarding a tender process without naming any reasons).



General advice regarding the railway sector


We often have inquiries from banks, investment companies and other third parties, which like to purchase consulting services. Of course, we offer these services as far as it is possible for us.


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