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Current projects:

 Support for homologation of passenger coaches by Astra Vagoane Calatori S.A. produced for company RegioJet 

Astra already sold passenger coaches of type AVA200 ADJ in Rumania. These coaches are according to RIC and are used by CFR throughout Europe. 

Regiojet intends to integrate a version with minor modifications into its fleet. In order to register these coaches like all other coaches of Regiojet into the Austrian vehicle register, two decisive steps are necessary:

1. The acceptance of the Romanian type approval according to §41 EisbG and the therefore required confirmation of equivalent safety for the Austrian as well as for the Romanian railway net. Railengineering will create this.

2. The approval of the changes, based on the desires of Regiojet, according to §36 EisbG. All changes have to be monitored by a §40 EisbG-person and comply to the state-of-the-art. A corresponding declaration according to §36 EisbG will be issued by Railengineering, if these requirements are fulfilled..  


Support and monitoring for company Hector Rail according to §36 EisbG during reconstruction of their ICK coaches back to RIC coaches 

More or less a year ago Hector Rail has bought used BM 235 coaches, which were used as ICK coaches, when they were bought. These coaches shall be reconstructed back to RIC coaches and have a general inspection, in order that these coaches can be leased to customers of Hector Rail.

Railengineering monitors the reconstruction of the coaches according to §36 EisbG and creates a declaration according to §36 EisbG after completion of the reconstruction, by which the coaches can be used throughout Europe according to RIC.


Railengineering supports Oak Capital as regards the general inspection and modernisation of gas tank wagons.

Oak Capital is supported especially regarding project coordination, technical support and project handling. These gas tank wagons were rebuilt according to VPI by an East European company and got repainting. The installation of Crash Buffers enables the coaches for the carriage ammonia.



Technical Support of the railway museum Straßhof





Railengineering supports several companies as regards the creation of call for tenders as well as tendering.

Depending on the customer and tender Railengineering carries out the complete evaluation of the tender and functions as contact person for technical questions.


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